Fundraising Programs

Fundraising Programs that keep our community green

For Non-Profits, Community Groups, Churches, and Sports Teams

fundraising programsRecycleWise helps churches, schools, sports teams, and other large non-profit organizations by establishing and managing ongoing recycling drives. Recycling CRV materials has long been a means of raising funds for local non-profit organizations.

RecycleWise will meet with leaders of non-profit organizations to establish the best program for their membership and to address questions and concerns. Should an organization wish to establish an on-going recycling fundraising program, RecycleWise will furnish a communications kit tailored specifically to that organization and its members or affinity group.

RecycleWise offers the cleanliness, comfort, safety and convenience of efficiently staffed, indoor, drive-through lanes. Dropping off materials at our facility eliminates the risk of materials piling up, leakage or safety hazards from containers placed at the organization’s locations. With RecycleWise, members simply drive through our convenient Community Recycling Center and talk with the helpful, friendly staff as their materials are unloaded and weighed. Members are given a receipt for their materials to keep for their records. The transaction is duly recorded per California law and proper credit payment is assigned to a given charity or non-profit. Each month, organizations are sent a payment equal to the CRV and scrap value paid on all materials their members and supporters have redeemed.

The RecycleWise Material Drive Fund Raising Program opens up new sources of donations that members and supporters can contribute by simply bringing in their CRV materials. Little effort is needed to separate materials and redeem them at RecycleWise and recycling helps both the non-profit and the environment.

For more information about our fundraising programs, please call us at 951-781-8810.