Professional collectors work hard and provide a community service by keeping recyclable materials from becoming litter and clogging landfills. We want to reward you.

At our modern Perris Recycling Center, a key person is assigned to take care of you and pay you the highest rates possible. As a professional recycler or “collector” you will have a main contact person on whom you can rely for the best service and best prices.

When you telephone or visit RecycleWise, let us know you are a professional recycler and would like your own contact and professional treatment. Material Collectors are special. A great amount of plastics, metals, cardboard and other recyclable materials recycled come through professional collectors.

At the Perris Recycling Center you get the special, professional treatment you deserve.

This includes:

  • paying, higher than standard prices for your materials.
  • assigning a key person to be your special contact at RecycleWise.
  • the comfort of all indoor, drive-thru drop off at our modern facility.
  • full-service treatment, we unload materials and make everything easy.
  • collector only specials

To get the most money for your work and materials, come to RecycleWise. You will like the payment, service and pull-thru facility. We are quick, easy, close and generous.

See you soon.

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200 Sinclair St, Perris, CA
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Monday – Friday:
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