California Recycling Center:

Recyclewise buys a variety of materials

The six general categories of materials sought by RecycleWise are:

RecycleWise works with everyone to help them improve the quality and value of materials they recycle. We provide “how to” advice on getting the highest payment for all recyclable materials.

Excellent customer service is a RecycleWise hallmark. For Recycling Centers and businesses small and large, RecycleWise wishes to be your partner in the recycling business. Find out more about what RecycleWise can do for commercial recycling accounts.

For companies seeking a reliable source of processed, containment free, recycled materials, RecycleWise can provide large volumes of these materials in California, nationwide and internationally. With a 50,000 sq. ft., multi-acre facility in Perris, California and other facilities, RecycleWise is one of California’s largest recycled materials marketers.

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