Commercial Recycling

Companies with large volumes of recyclable materials, such as large retailers, manufacturers, assemblers, transporters, distributors, sports/event venues and California redemption centers can substantially benefit by recycling through RecycleWise.

RecycleWise has the experience, expertise and resources to develop custom services specifically suited to each commercial customer and recycling center. We can also pay the highest market prices.

As an International Recycling Industry Leader, RecycleWise offers high-volume recyclers the best material prices, transportation, and leases on specialized recycling equipment. RecycleWise buys and sells scrap materials throughout California, the U.S. and internationally

We customize services to each client’s needs with an ideal approach suited to their operations and ways of doing business. For commercial sources of recyclable materials, RecycleWise will visit and identify the best processes for material recovery/redemption and assistance in establishing and/or improving a recycling program. By recycling, organizations can decrease waste disposal costs, meet government mandates and be paid for recycled materials.

RecycleWise will develop an optimal plan to maximize the value of recycling to the organization, without interfering with their methods, processes, work flows or substantially adding to them. We have decades of experience in establishing very successful commercial recycling programs throughout California.

The program recommendations are presented to management. If approved, RecycleWise will implement the plan. Procedures will be outlined in easily understood materials for employees and will be explained and demonstrated. Very little will be different from “business as usual”, with the exception of RecycleWise collecting and paying for materials previously thrown into waste bins.

Waste haulers profit in two ways from companies who waste recyclable materials. First they charge for the waste removal service by volume or how often waste must be collected. Secondly, waste management companies separate out and sell all recyclable materials. They cash in on materials for which your company could be paid, while charging to pick up the materials.

For more information on materials that can be profitably recycled through RecycleWise, please see materials. Then give us a call at 951-781-8810. We are happy to answer any questions and specifically address your company’s needs. You will be pleased you called.

For Recycling Companies, RecycleWise is a State of California Certified Processor and our commercial operations include service to California Redemption Centers. A very substantial part of RecycleWise’s business is serving recycling centers. RecycleWise has earned a good reputation among recycling centers and in the industry overall by putting customers first. RecycleWise provides California recycling centers with excellent prices, accuracy, efficiency, specialized services and equipment, materials processing, industry advice, materials marketing assistance, superb customer care and our attention. Please see Recycling Company.

What RecycleWise Customers Are Saying

“Kay-Met Recycling has been doing business with RecycleWise for many years. RecycleWise provides excellent customer service and competitive pricing. We look forward to continuing our business relationship.”