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Rewarding Recycling

RecycleWise is a recycling company with a mission to make recycling convenient and profitable for all; individuals, community groups, businesses, manufacturers, and California redemption centers. RecycleWise and its customers help reduce waste in landfills and help many Southern California communities enjoy the environmental and energy-saving benefits associated with recycling materials for reuse. Environmentally, recycling materials is much better than extracting and creating new materials. We support and encourage customer recycling efforts by making recycling both a pleasant and a financially profitable experience.

RecycleWise, Perris, CA

RecycleWise began in 2001, and is a certified California Recycled Materials Processor. RecycleWise does business throughout the U.S. and internationally. We serve many communities in the Inland Empire, including Moreno Valley and Perris, Riverside and Lake Elsinore. RecycleWise is primarily a materials processor for California Recycling Centers and a buyer, processor and purveyor of recyclable plastics, metals, fibers (paper and cardboard) and other materials from large commercial, industrial, manufacturing, packaging, distribution and warehousing organizations.

RecycleWise partners with many businesses to foster innovative, efficient recycling programs to reduce costs, landfill waste and to garner value from scrap materials. In all cases, customers and the environment benefit.

RecycleWise delivers fast service with no waiting. Helpful staff is always available during business hours to assist by unloading recyclables from customer vehicles in convenient bays. We pay competitive prices for recycled materials in cash. For commercial recycling customers, RecycleWise has customized services (including equipment and transportation services).

For Recycling Centers and organizations with large and regular material supplies, or to reach the administrative offices, call 951-781-8810.

Commercial/Industrial Services: