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California Redemption Centers

Serving California Certified Recycling Centers is a very substantial portion of what RecycleWise does. These recycling experts turn to us because of excellent prices paid for materials, accuracy, efficiency, specialized services and equipment, materials processing, industry advice and materials marketing assistance. Material transportation is often part of the service we provide recycling centers. We do not require long-term contracts or exclusive agreements from recycling centers in order to serve them. So anyone can be comfortable in trying us out without feeling locked in or taken for granted.

RecycleWise is a State of California Certified Processor for California Redemption Value Beverage Containers. In addition to cancelation of CRV materials, RecycleWise processing services can be a handy way to combine our material inventories to more quickly make the required load or lot size minimums of the big buyers. These buyers are willing to pay the highest market prices for large volumes of consistently high quality materials. There is also the advantage of quicker inventory and cash flow turn for those combining inventories with RecycleWise. Higher market prices and quicker inventory and cash flow improve profitability.

To discuss how RecycleWise can help with materials processing needs, please Contact Us. To see what some actual customers have to say, please see the testimonials below.

What RecycleWise Customers Are Saying

“Kay-Met Recycling has been doing business with RecycleWise for many years. RecycleWise provides excellent customer service and competitive pricing. We look forward to continuing our business relationship.”