Manufacturers can profit handsomely from paybacks associated with unused material recycling; in addition to meeting federal, state, county and city mandates concerning solid waste reduction. RecycleWise can work with manufacturers to determine an optimal approach which blends with current operations and offers a substantial payback based on reduction of waste removal cost and by being paid for the material recycled. Most materials generated or cast off from manufacturing and packing processes can be efficiently collected, transported and recycled by RecycleWise. These materials include metals, plastics, paper, cardboard and more. RecycleWise will pay well for these materials.

RecycleWise conducts free recycling audits to determine how a manufacturer may benefit from a customized recycling program that is ideal for their company. When invited by a manufacturing company to do this, RecycleWise makes visits to:

1. Become very familiar with current operations and manufacturing work flow

2. Identify the types and volumes of recyclable materials being wasted

RecycleWise will carefully consider all that it learns through interactions and observations and develop an optimal plan to maximize the value of recycling to the organization, without interfering with the manufacturing process, work flows or adding to them. We have decades of experience in establishing very successful manufacturing recycling programs throughout California.

The results of the recycling audit and program recommendations are presented to management. If approved, RecycleWise will implement the plan to the ease and benefit of the manufacturer. Procedures will be outlined in easily understood materials for employees and will be explained and demonstrated. Very little will be different from “business as usual”, with the exception of RecycleWise collecting and paying for materials previously thrown into waste bins.

Waste haulers profit in two ways from manufacturers who waste recyclable materials. First they charge for the waste removal service by volume or how often waste must be collected. Secondly, waste management companies separate out and sell all recyclable materials. They cash in on materials for which manufacturers could be paid, while charging them to pick up these materials.

Even where manufacturing plants have recycling programs, it is a good idea to receive a no charge, no obligation recycling audit from RecycleWise. Usually, even where there are recycling programs in place, RecycleWise can improve procedures, increase the amount or types of materials recycled and pay higher prices.

For more information on materials that can be profitably recycled through RecycleWise, please see materials. Then give us a call at 951-781-8810 for more information and to schedule a free manufacturing recycling audit. We are happy to answer any questions and specifically address your company’s needs. You will be glad you called.