Iron & Stainless

Scrap Metal Recycling: We Buy and Sell Ferrous Metals

Iron and stainless steel can find a market through RecycleWise. These ferrous metals can be found in construction site scrap, appliances, auto parts, and some containers, among other items. RecycleWise guarantees the best market prices based upon the content of the scrap metal.

If you want to purchase recycled scrap metals, RecycleWise can help.

We buy:

  • Most forms of iron.
  • Some scrap that contains iron and steel mixed with other ferrous metals.
  • Stainless steel (usually stamped as “stainless steel”). We will also accept household stainless steel, including cookware with the handles attached.

We sell:

  • Recycled iron
  • Recycled stainless steel

    Iron RecycleWise buys most forms of Iron. Individual pieces should not weight more than 100 pounds (though special arrangements can be made). Metals should be dry, clean, free of major rust, corrosion, contaminants and attachments to other materials. RecycleWise can accept Iron and Stainless Steel mixes. There should not be any non-ferrous metals in the mix. There are many forms, grades and uses for iron. Please contact RecycleWise with any questions concerning ferrous metal recycling.

    Stainless Steel
    Stainless Steel Stainless steel is generally stamped as “Stainless Steel”. Though a ferrous metal, magnets will not usually stick to stainless steel, as they do with iron and other steel. Stainless steel is an iron alloy that contains nickel and chromium to protect it against corrosion and rust. Stainless steel is remarkably strong and resistant to high temperatures and severe environmental and chemical conditions. A stainless steel surface is germ resistant and easy to clean and disinfect. Stainless steel is used to make household, medical/surgical, construction, transportation and many other products. Discarded stainless steel sinks are a common form seen at recycling centers. Stainless steel is a popular material in household items such as sinks, kitchen appliances, cookware and cutlery. Demand for stainless steel continues to grow and recycling this metal has become very important in order to meet demand for recycled stainless steel. Recycling stainless steel is much better for the environment and energy use than starting from scratch. RecycleWise will accept household stainless steel with other materials attached, for example kitchen cookware. Usually, about 60% of cookware is stainless steel with 40% being another material to include Polypropylene (PP) handles.

    If you need transportation services call RecycleWise at 951-781-8810.