The RecycleWise Perris Recycling Center is your best place to recycle plastics, metals, beverage containers, cardboard and more at RecycleWise in Perris you receive:

  • higher payment for your materials
  • the comfort & convenience of drive-thru drop off
  • full-service care, unloading materials and making everything quick & easy
  • time and gas savings since RecycleWise is very close to your location

Bring your State of California contractor’s license number and materials including: insulated wire, copper tubing, #1 and #2 copper, yellow brass, contaminated brass, red brass, aluminum, “breakage”, cardboard and office paper to the Perris Recycling Center. You will receive the highest payment for your materials and close, easy and efficient recycling transactions.

If you wish to know if we can recycle something, just call us. RecycleWise accepts and pays for most recyclable materials. We cannot take landscaping waste, food waste or hazardous materials, including paint containers. Other materials we can’t take are: batteries, electronics, wood, drywall, tires, pvc pipe, silt fencing, carpeting and roofing materials.

Primary Location:
200 Sinclair St, Perris, CA
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Perris Recycling Center-Community Recycling:

Commercial/Industrial Services:

Community Recycling Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday:
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM