Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and Commitment

At RecycleWise, a dba of Reserve Diversified, Inc., we value, respect, and protect your privacy.  The purpose of this privacy statement is to outline how we collect, use, disclose and protect information entrusted to us.  This Privacy and Policy Commitment contains information on your rights under our policies and under law. We do not sell, trade or lease customer information to any third party.

  1. What Data We Collect, How and Why.

RecycleWise collects customer and prospective customer information in primarily three ways.  These are by:

1- Persons leaving “contact us” information on our website asking to be contacted by us.  This information includes: Name, Title, Company Name, Contact Phone Number and reason for wishing to be contacted.

2- Business-to-Business customers sharing inventory, accounting, transportation, and other information necessary to our doing business together with appropriate departments at Reserve Diversified Inc. companies.  This information is not provided by business-to-business customers on web sites through direct interaction. This type of information is too broad and too varying to list here. Business-to-business customers may contact us to learn what information is in their customer file.

3- When customers come to RecycleWise’s public buy-back recycling center; by law (California and other jurisdictions) RecycleWise must collect information including the following: 

  • Driver License State and Number 
  • Full Name 
  • Address 
  • Phone 
  • Car License Plate 
  • Material Redeemed by Type, Weight 
  • Payment for Materials
  • California Redemption Value materials, weights and payments 
  • Coupons or Price Incentives Used 

At times RecycleWise may analyze this information overall to evaluate operations.  We do provide reports to the State of California as required on California Redemption Value transactions.  Law enforcement may ask for information under warrant or by other legally required compliance including subpoena. 

In addition to the three primary customer information sources (listed above) Reserve Diversified Inc. companies engage in social media, and at times members of the public, including current customers, may post public messages.  This information is open to public viewing and we advise our followers to carefully consider anything they post on any public forum.

  1. On-Line Identity

Reserve Diversified Inc. company websites do not require any registration for their use.  We don’t use tracking cookies or otherwise try to identify our visitors. However, Google and other Third-Party tracking services including our hosting company,, do use cookies on our site and may in some ways be collecting identifying information.  

We do not get this information on an individual level.  We do subscribe to Google Metrics and learn about web site visitations in general.  

There is no means to register any user id or password on our sites.  The only way users provide information using our websites is when requesting contact.

  1. Publicly Displayed Information

Reserve Diversified Inc. companies do have social media accounts and in some cases, visitors can post their own public comments.  These comments may not reflect our views and may even be contrary to them. Anything we find unsuitable will be deleted based on the norms of each platform. Reserve Diversified Inc. and its companies are not responsible for public posts on social media by third parties.  When posting on our social media platforms or on any public forum, please carefully consider this information may be permanent, wide-spread and possibly have repercussions, whether positive, negative, or both. Be careful what you post in general.

  1. When Information is Disclosed

We value, respect and protect our customer information.  We do not sell, lease, trade or otherwise share customer information with any third party other than as required by law for California Redemption Value recycling and as warranted by law enforcement or courts of law in rare circumstances.  

Our employees must use customer information to service our customers and conduct business.  Further, at times well vetted, well established, information technology professionals may be in a position to access customer data as part their work on our behalf to enable employee access and use through data structures and personal computers.  Employees and vetted vendors are trained and admonished to value the trust placed in us and to protect this trust and our customer information from any misuse or disclosure.

  1. How Customer Information is Protected

Reserve Diversified Inc. utilizes top industry professionals, technical, administrative, encryption and physical measures to secure all of our company information including your customer information.  We protect your information from theft, misuse and unauthorized access to include disclosure to third parties.  

Our Protection Measures include:

Secure Socket Layer Encryption

On-Site Data Encryption of Customer Data, Including Back-Up Storage 

On-going Monitoring and Advisement from Top Information Technology Professionals

CGSS Licensed Firewall Intrusion Detection/Prevention

Barracuda Filters

Locked Physical Barriers on Servers

Security Software and Anti-Hacker Protocols 

Routinized Employee Training on Data Protection and Anti-Hacker Protocols

  1. Integrity of Your Customer Information

We have safeguards to keep your information accurate, complete and up-to-date for required purposes.  These include and are not limited to our datum protection measures described in the previous section. These measures prevent unauthorized access and altering of your information with us.  You have the right to access, see and correct information you have provided. You can request a copy of all information we have for you by contacting our site administrator at   

  1. Privacy of Children

We do not collect any information on minors below 16 years of age.  Our websites only collect information necessary to request contact. There is nothing unsuitable or provocative on our sites, though we don’t anticipate their use by minors.  When minors with drivers’ licenses recycle materials at RecycleWise, state mandated information is collected accordingly, and where California Redemption Value payments are involved, this information is shared with the requisite State offices for recycling.

  1. Cookies and Tracking Technologies

While not recommended, please know you may disable cookies in your browser.  Many sites will require the use of cookies for full operation. But the use of cookies are by choice.

We do not employ cookies or tracking technology.  Our sites are informative and not for any e-commerce purpose.  Third-Parties such as Google, godaddy, yelp, You-Tube, and others who make up the Internet landscape do use cookies on our site through your browser and through services they provide to us. Some of these third-party Internet entities may also track usage using other technologies such as pixel tags, URL click tracking, and possible other means.

  1. Links to Third Party Sites

At times, our web sites may offer links to third-party sites.  When we do and you follow those links, you leave our site and privacy protections and enter theirs.  We would never knowingly post a bad site. If we do offer a link, it’s someone we know and feel can be of further help to our site visitor.  Still, if you follow a link and leave our site, we are not responsible for the privacy policy of the third-party regarding your interactions on their site.  It may be best to review their privacy policy on arrival, even if we have linked their home page.

  1. Publicly Available Information

At times, we purchase publicly available business-to-business information, including direct mailing lists, for marketing purposes.  These lists are comprised of both prospective customers and current customers who meet a specified geographic and business demographic criteria.  We acquire our lists from professional data sources who are members and subscribe to the principles of the Direct Marketing Association.  

We use this publicly available information only for our own customer relationship building and don’t disclose it to others.  Still, anyone can purchase similar information publicly.

  1. Further Questions Regarding Privacy 

If you have questions or concerns about Reserve Diversified Inc., RecycleWise or Twister Enterprise customer privacy policies, or if you have questions regarding your own information, its protection and use, please contact our Site Administrator via  

  1. Changes and Up-Dates to our Privacy Policy

This latest statement of our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use come into effect on March 11, 2020.  We reserve the right to revise, amend or modify this policy at any time and in any manner within law.  When our policy changes in any material way, a notice will be posted on our web site along with the up-dated privacy and terms of use policy.  Your use of our web sites and services after such changes are implemented constitutes your acknowledgement and acceptance of these changes.   

  1. Terms of Usage

Our sites are intended to provide consumers and businesses information on recycling in California.  We keep information current and accurate to the degree possible within an ever changing world and dynamic recycling industry.  If you choose to visit and view our sites, welcome. Do so at your own volition and know we cannot be responsible for any decision you make based on product, service or recycling information we provide on our web sites.  We advise you to consider other sources of information as well on any important decisions.  

The information on our website is accurate and true to the best of our knowledge.  Among things which change rapidly are State of California recycling regulations. Our sites are for informational purposes only.  We do not provide products and services on-line ourselves. At times we may provide a link to third-party sites which we believe may be helpful to some visitors.  Anyone visiting these sites must review and the third-party terms of use and we are not responsible for their information, products or services. Use of our sites constitutes your acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms of Usage.

  1. Your California Rights

Under California law you have the rights described in this Privacy Policy and Commitment, to include knowing what information is collected, how and why.  As contained in this policy, you have a right to expect your personal private information to be protected from unauthorized access and use.  You have a right to know if data is ever disclosed to third parties and under what circumstances. You have a right to know and see all the information we hold for you and to have your questions, concerns, wishes, complaints addressed by us by contacting our site administrator at In the event, despite our many safeguards, customer information is ever hacked, we must notify affected customers in timely manner and will.