Distribution Centers

Throughout the supply chain distribution centers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers have done a great deal towards sustainable approaches to their businesses, to include:

• eliminating and reducing packing layers and packaging,

• using renewable materials,

• taking back and reusing materials,

• recycling materials and using materials made from recycled content,

• through reverse logistics

and in other ways without any sacrifice to profitability, inventory protection or customer satisfaction. Often this is called “Green Logistics”. It is good for the environment and it is good for business.

RecycleWise has experience and expertise in analyzing, planning and implementing supply chain recycling programs. We develop customized and thus optimized, approaches to recycling for each organization. Often these programs generate a revenue stream as RecycleWise pays top market prices for materials it purchases as a result of recycling programs.

In addition to payment, there is usually cost savings as material is diverted from waste bins. Waste haulers profit in two ways from companies who waste recyclable materials. First they charge for the waste removal service by volume or how often waste must be collected. Secondly, waste management companies separate out and sell all recyclable materials. They cash in on these materials, while charging
to collect them.

Packing materials can be efficiently collected, transported and recycled by RecycleWise. These materials include cardboard, plastics, paper, films (such as shrink wrap), metals and more. RecycleWise pays well for these materials and gladly conducts free, no obligation recycling audits to determine how a supply chain company may benefit from a customized recycling.

Even where supply chain organizations have recycling programs; it is a good idea to receive a confidential, no charge, no obligation recycling audit and program recommendations from RecycleWise. Usually, even where there are recycling programs in place, RecycleWise can improve procedures, increase the amount and/or types of materials recycled and pay higher prices.

Please give us a call at 951-781-8810 for more information and to schedule a confidential recycling audit. We are happy to answer any questions and specifically address your needs.