How to Recycle

Tips on Recycling

RecycleWise Makes It Easy

RecycleWise takes pride in its contribution to keeping the environment clean. Recycling materials has twice the positive economic and environmental impact of burying it in the ground. It takes twice the energy and resources to mine and manufacture new raw materials than to turn recycled materials into new products.

RecycleWise takes an active role in educating the public and businesses on ways that they can efficiently increase the amount of materials they recycle. Following are some of the questions frequently heard from community members.

    What is the first step to increasing recycling?
    Start Anywhere! For home and business, start from where you are and go from there by:

    1. Establishing “Your Own” recycling bin or container(s) at home and at work separate from ones provided by waste hauling or building/janitorial companies.
    2. Placing all California Redemption Value empty beverage containers in “Your Bin”.
    3. Choosing which other materials you wish to recycle and place it in the bins, containers, boxes, bags that are “Your Own”. Now you own the value of these materials. You will be paid cash when RecycleWise purchases the materials you drop off at the quick and efficient drive-through.

    RecycleWise buys, beverage containers, cardboard, metals, paper, plastics and most of the clean and empty things placed in the “other guy’s” recycle bin. Now it’s up to you which items you wish to recycle and be paid for and which you would rather have carted off.

    For materials recycled at RecycleWise, we guarantee you the highest retail market value and we make it all very quick & easy with our near-by location. For more recycling tips, follow RecycleWise on Facebook.

    Do the scrap value prices vary?
    Scrap value prices do vary with commodity markets, demand for materials by those who use them and their supply at any given time. Demand can be up for some materials and down for others.

    Besides market and supply/demand changes, the scrap value of specific material can vary based on its condition. RecycleWise helps all customers get the most for their materials by paying the highest market prices and by showing customers how to get and maintain the highest materials quality, for the most money.

    Do I need to rinse my beverage containers before recycling them?
    No. Just be sure the containers are empty and they have not been used for hazardous materials. It is better not to wash empty containers as liquid can be left in them and it’s most important they be empty.

    Do you take glass other than CRV beverage bottles?
    Generally speaking, RecycleWise buys only glass bottles with California Redemption Value. Other glass can be dangerous for customers to store and transport and dangerous for RecycleWise staff to handle. Glass is also very heavy. It’s safest to place non-CRV glass in the waste hauler recycle bin and forget it. Do bring all CRV bottles, they are worth a nickel or dime each.

    What is the best way to encourage office recycling?
    Discuss the value of CRV Beverage Containers, cardboard boxes and office paper with co-workers. Collect as a group using “your own” containers, bags or boxes. Then take turns redeeming materials for cash at RecycleWise. The money can be shared and used to buy new drinks and snacks. Large businesses may wish to contact RecycleWise to establish Enterprise-Wide programs tailored to their operation.

    Does RecycleWise offer other resources for learning more about local recycling?
    Yes, follow RecycleWise on Facebook for tips and information about special deals and events.