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Effective last New Years, January 1, 2014 Cal Recycle, the state agency in charge of California beverage container recycling severely limited the amount of CRV containers that can be redeemed in one visit at any State of California Certified Recycling Center unless the individual or organization is certified ahead of time by Cal Recycle.  Those who collect beverage containers for redemption, to include bars and restaurants, individuals collecting within the community and fund raising material drives are now required to be pre certified by Cal Recycle.  Unless one is certified with Cal Recycle, one person or vehicle may only deliver and redeem for California Redemption Value 100 pounds of cans and/or 100 pounds of plastic beverage containers and/or 1,000 pounds of glass beverage containers.

While the Cal Recycle prints in bold letters “For the vast majority of California consumers, this change to the daily load limits will have no impact”, it is impacting some of our customers and we are hearing about it.  Now customers must be careful not to save up materials for too long and must be careful to weigh or count the materials at home before bringing them to a Recycling Center.  In worst case examples, customers have barely exceeded weight levels and RecycleWise must send them home without redeeming the containers.  One can, or one bottle may be too much and exceed the weight and we can’t just take that one or two containers out, if it exceeds even by one container, by law, RecycleWise can not pay CRV on any of the containers.  Otherwise they could only be redeemed as scrap with no CRV of a nickle or dime paid for each container.  Often customers become angry and disappointed in RecycleWise and we share their frustration and disappointment.  However we must and do follow all Cal Recycle regulations.  If you would like to voice concerns or have questions on why Cal Recycle imposed new limits on CRV material redemption per visit, you can reach them at 916 324 8598.

If you are an hospitality business, community beverage container collector, fund raising or just a family who drinks a lot of liquids and who wants to bring more than these very limited amounts to redeem, RecycleWise will help you pre-register with the State of California.  Further information on this can be seen in the Cal Recycle bulletin below.

For further details please see the Cal Recycle bulletin below.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.  We truly regret any inconvenience this has caused for our customers. 

CRV REG 111414

Cal Recycle (916) 324 – 8598

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