Collection & Recycling Programs

Collection programs are primarily for organizations. They involve developing and establishing convenient, easy, effective systems of collection, storage, pick up, maintenance, transportation and payment for materials collected. By recycling materials currently being disposed into the solid waste stream, organizations can help protect the environment and the future. By recycling, organizations can often decrease disposal costs while being paid for their recycled materials.

There are other reasons to recycle. Recently the State of California has been much tougher on municipalities meeting mandates on solid waste diversion. Soon, cities not diverting the mandated 50% of solid wastes through recycling programs will face fines and other negative State sanctions. In order to meet mandates, cities are requiring and enforcing recycling among businesses and other organizations. At some point, these organizations will have to recycle everything they can. RecycleWise is here to help with that today.

Collection programs are custom planned to be ideal for each organization’s unique situation. There are quite a variety of methods and options available. Each of these has advantages and disadvantages depending on client needs. RecycleWise will help determine the best program to meet your organization’s needs and characteristics. Then we will establish and run the right turn-key, recycling collection program on behalf of your organization. Contact Us and we’ll get started right away.

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